10 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe While You Are On A Holiday

Are you planning to take your entire family on a vacation this summer? That's fantastic. However, have you made all security measures to safeguard your home while you're away with Automatic Gate Repair in Los Angeles?
There's a chance that you'll be in problems when you return in case you didn't already do this.

10 Safety Tips To Ensure The Security Of Your Home When You Are On Holiday

Here are some methods to safeguard your home during your absence.

  • Ask a trusted friend for assistance.
  • Don't post about where you are on social media.
  • Do not leave your curtains closed.
  • Make sure that your lights are off
  • Find the emergency key.
  • Make sure you secure your valuables.
  • Stop receiving your newspaper of the day
  • Plug in your electronic devices
  • Switch off the water and gas valves.
  • All doors must be locked and windows.

Consider following these tips to protect yourself at home when traveling to stop any unfortunate events or break-ins.


1. Ask Your Friend For Assistance

It is always best to employ an experienced person to keep watch on your home when you're away. If you can't afford it You should consider asking someone from your family or a close friend to visit your home periodically to check that everything is working properly. Also, they should ensure that all electronics are functioning correctly and open your window to let air enter the rooms. They will as well water plants when you're away. This is a bonus.

2. Do Not Post Your Address On Social Media

We all love sharing immediately pictures from our trips across all our Social media sites. Do not update your location on social media, unless your Instagram and Facebook profiles are set to private mode. This ensures that only a small number of people have access to your holiday photos. This is because it could alert your neighbors -- and even potential burglars to you that the property is empty.
You can also deactivate the location services to ensure that your followers won't be able to tell the location you're at any particular moment.

3. Do Not Leave Your Curtains Unlocked

The idea of not closing your blinds or curtains while you're away is a different option to ensure that your home is safe. Of course, leaving your curtains open without permitting anyone to peek inside your home might make you feel uncomfortable. It's not a bad thing, however, because curtains that remain closed indicate that the room is not occupied at present.

4. Do Not Leave Your Lights On

Can you leave the lights on when you travel?
Yes, that's the correct answer.
Installing a timer with light is one of the first steps to make sure your home is safe for vacation. While purchasing an electronic timer online is easy but you may also request an acquaintance or neighbor to help in this capacity in the event that it's impossible to set up the device yourself.

5. Unlock The Emergency Key

Do not forget to grab the spare key hidden on the outside of your front door while you are preparing your home for a long-term vacation. Although you might believe that your hideout is an amazing place, thieves could be able to find it earlier than you think. A set of keys to your house with a trustworthy person is essential in case of an emergency. However, don't leave them in the open so that burglars could quickly gain entry into your home while you're absent.


6. Place Valuables In A Lock

When you leave your home empty on your trip consider  Gate Installation for a great lock. While you are able to take your computer as well as DVD player and even the TV with a relative or friend but you must keep valuables such as gold and other jewelry in a safe place like a bank. It will help secure your precious possessions, but can also give you peace of mind when you're away on holiday.

7. The Delivery Of Daily Newspapers Is Suspended

You should end any biweekly or weekly magazines you subscribe to before you leave for vacation.

8. Disconnect Your Electronic Plug

Before you leave, disconnect all appliances and electronics in order to secure your home when you're away. This includes, among others televisions, computers for desktops split-type air conditioners portable chargers, as well as microwaves.

9. The Water And Gas Valves Must Be Turned Closed

By turning off gas and water valves prior to leaving You can make sure that you keep your home secure while away. The house will become vacay-proofed and protected from unfortunate kitchen fires or leaks in the plumbing.

10. Lock All Windows And Doors

This one is obvious.
You should secure the windows of your home or doors as well as other access points to secure them when you're away. Install a metal pipe inside the track of sliding doors or windows to make them more secure, so that even when a burglar manages to open off the locks, they will not be able to unlock the door.


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